For connecting family members and sharing history of the Paolone family of the Molise region of Italy.

  • Family Tree - Direct Ancestors

    I have added a document to the family tree page of the site that shows my direct ancestors back to my seventh great grandparents- Mattia Paolone and Antonia di Paolo. Our ancestor's family names (cognome) include Paolone, diPaolo, Morano, Giovannitti, Silvaroli, diCerce, diFrancesco, and diCristofaro.

    These family names are now on the homepage as a word cloud!



  • Back to New York

    A family wedding brought me back to New York for the first time in a while. After the wedding, we were able to make a sidetrip to Lyons, NY and visit the Elmwood Cemetery- the final resting place for my great-grandfather (mio bisnonno) and many other family members. Before heading back home, we were able to make several other cemeteries and before we were done, had accounted for four generations of my direct ancestors:

    Michael Palone Jr (my father,): Grandview Cemetery, Batavia, New York

    Michael B Palone (my grandfather): Elmwood Cemetery, Batavia, New York

    Michael Carl Palone (great grand father): Elmwood Cemetery, Lyons, New York

    Carlo Paolone (great-great grandfather): Holy Sepulchre, Rochester, New York

    At this time a year ago I was leaving Rome on the way to Carlo and Michael's hometown of Santo Stefano, Campobasso, Molise. The trip to their burial places brings that all full circle,

    In New York I was able to meet a long lost cousin and her family. They shared many old photograpohs and stories. When I started researching the family tree, I did not appreciate how enjoyable it would be to meet so many new family members! Back to work tomorrow, but I find myself with renewed energy for the "hunt" for family information. Ciao.,



  • Remembering this week in history....

    It is very difficult for me to believe that my father passed away thirty years ago today, on January 29, 1983 at the age of 47 years old. The time has just vanished, and at the same time I have gone to college and raised a family in that time. I thought of my father as being "old" back then- not "old-old" but old enough. I am that age now, and although there are days I FEEL old, I know that I have as much ahead of me in my life as I do in my rear view mirror. At least, that is what i am hoping for.

    An oddity of family history is that my father's parents both passed away on January 28- his father, Michael in 1977 and his mother, Florence Guard Palone in 1962. The passing of my father actually marked the beginning of my interest in my family tree and the Palone Family history. Back then, I thought mostly of my grandparents and cousins and could have never imagined I would learn so much of my ancestors. I hope I can continue to learn, but this week in history will always be significant for me and my family.

    "Grandpa Palone" passed during the great "Blizzard of '77" in New York, this week in history.

    A very interesting look back:



  • Buon Natale!

    A Merry Christmas to Paolone's everywhere! I have connected with more cousins this week and I look forward to sharing more family history news in the coming New Year.

    Vi auguro a tutti un Buon Natale!



  • Who Do You Think You Are? I thought I knew but the DNA testing is in!

    I recently enrolled in's DNA testing program, as a beta tester for their new DNA screen. The results came back much sooner than I expected, and were announced to me in an email this morning. I do have one big surprise, and plenty to think about. I have plenty of ancestors from across Europe and always think of my self as a "standard American" in that my family came from everywhere. I didn't expect 33% Scandinavian DNA, however! The Middle Eastern component is curious to me as well.

    Ancestry DNA points out that this profile of genetic ethnicity reveals where your ancestors lived hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of years ago.

    Eastern Europe 39%

    Scandinavian 33%

    Southern European 20%

    Middle Eastern 8%




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